This year the annual Mi:t&Links conference is dedicated to the seemingly more and more growing phenomenon of FALSE THINKING.

It’s easier to give examples to it than to define what lies beneath these phenomena. So, there are more questions than answers.

How the changes in our society have made populism victorious in recent votes, and how it has become a part of democratic process?

How technology affects our reasoning, and is it true digital communication has opened up opportunities for false ideas to spread more actively and even form “false believers” groups more successfully?

How major business opportunities have been shut down due to public protests based on false assumptions?

Is it true that in medicine and pharmacy the false thinking ideas are flourishing more than ever?

At the annual Mi:t&Links conference we will be asking speakers from different fields of science, communication, business, politics, media, sociology, psychology for their input on the topic, and creating a discussion and looking for “answers” how FALSE THINKING happens and how it affects state, business and man.

Let's meet at the Mi:t&Links conference "False Thinking" on March 8 at the House of Nature of the Academic Centre of University of Latvia.

Ticket price:

Until February 15 - 120 EUR + VAT
Until March 7 - 175 EUR + VAT

The tickets will be available on sale here at miitandlinks.com, right after the end of the final competition entry deadline!