The “Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2018” will cover 16 categories. In 14 categories, there will be four short-listed nominees, and the one with the highest total score will be declared a winner in the category. Additional categories are “The Agency of the Year of a particular country” and Grand Prix.


Campaign or program designed for building corporate brand awareness, long-term reputation management or other business and trade communication campaigns targeted at both business and consumer audiences.


Communication campaign or program based on evaluation and management of emerging trends, concerns, or issues likely to affect an organization and its stakeholders (e.g. labor relations, crises, mergers, acquisitions, public policy or environmental concerns).


Campaign or program targeted at internal stakeholders (e.g. employees, managers, trade unions or other member audiences) and focused on management communication, corporate ethics, morale, internal culture or change management.


Campaign or program specifically designed for the B2C sector: to engage consumers in communication and to support marketing in the promotion of products or services.


Campaign or program designed to influence public policy agenda or legislative process, using techniques including media relations, advertising, and direct lobbying.


Paid sponsorship campaign or program, including sponsorship of sports events, arts and entertainment events that helps to achieve business goals.


Program that integrates social and environmental concerns in a company’s business operations and stakeholder interactions (an integrated program that addresses sustainable development or other economic, social or environmental issues such as international aid, public awareness, corporate social responsibility, economic revitalization, cultural preservation, education, literacy, health, poverty reduction, employment, and heritage protection programs).


Campaign designed and targeted to influence behaviors that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good.


Campaign or program designed for and targeted towards enabling communication in the new/social media (e.g. blogs, podcasts, social networks, content sharing sites, virtual networking platforms, etc.).


Campaign or program for public sector organizations (e.g., local authorities, government departments or government authorities) to promote their policies, achievements, and services or to raise awareness on an issue and change behavior.


Communication campaign or part of a campaign that is based on a special event or series of events, which help to build the brand image for external and internal audiences or achieve other


Communication campaign or program that has been developed and/or implemented in two or more Baltic Sea region and neighboring countries.


Communication campaign or programme that involved a synthesis of different communication channels, tools, and messages which helped to achieve one communication or business goal.


Communication campaigns and actions carried out by agencies, organizations and other associations without any reward. Partisan projects, buzz, etc.


Agency of a particular country whose entries have the highest number of awards in all the categories listed above compared to the other Agencies from the particular country.


The agency that has the highest number of awards in all the categories listed above compared to all participants.


There are 16 members in the Competition's jury - four from Latvia, four from Estonia, 4 from Lithuania, and four international members - from business, state administration, academical environment, creative industries and non-governmental organizations.

Janis Marsans

Janis Marsans

is Member of the Board at the publishing house “Dienas Bizness”, the Chairman of the Board at publishing house “Dienas Žurnāli”. Holds an MBA from the University of Salford (UK). Experienced media professional, once started a career at newspaper “Diena”, several years worked in JSC “Diena” council. Participated in the development of the group''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s product development.
Jurgis Liepnieks

Jurgis Liepnieks

is one of the most experienced and leading experts in public relations field in Latvia. He is also known as a political strategist, writer and multifunctional creative personality. Jurģis has more than 20 years experience in communication working as a advisor to numerous heads of government and ministers, he also been in charge of various large-scale projects such as the NATO Riga Summit 2006 and an alternative rock opera. During his professional career Jurģis has managed several public relations agencies, ran nine electoral campaigns and many more.
Renata Matkeviciene

Renata Matkeviciene

is 20 years as lecturer at University, during those years of experience she has collaborated with several universities in Lithuania; as well was invited for guest lectures and consultations on corporate communication and PR in various Lithuanian organizations. Her interest and experience in the field of corporate communication is recognized by Lithuanian PR specialists association – last year she was nominated to be a member of the council of the association. As well for several years she is the member of honorary court of Lithuanian PR Agencies association. Since 2013 involved in NGO sector being a partner in one NGO (“Geri norai LT”) working with social entrepreneurship.
Hortensia Nastase

Hortensia Nastase

is Managing Director, Continental Europe, Golin network and Vice-President, Creative Services, Lowe Group, Romania, in which capacity she coordinates the activities of the Public Relations, Creative and Experiential & Events agencies. With 17 year experience in marketing & communication, of which the last 9 in management positions, Hortensia is a great believer in a consensual management idea, these being the values which represent the backbone of a successful professional development.
Lolita Stasane

Lolita Stasane

has more than 20 years of experience in communications and media and almost 15 years of academic experience. Now she is Retail Communication Area Manager at Swedbank Latvia and a lecturer at University of Latvia. Lolita is a member of Baltic Association for Media Research and Latvian Association of Public Relations Professionals since 2005.
Janina Sabaite Melnikoviene

Janina Sabaite Melnikoviene

is working in Employer Branding, Business Management, Corporate Communication, PR and Training industry more than 13 years: as Communication and Marketing Head, Project Manager of Communication, Information and Educational Projects, as Journalist, as inside PR Manager and Spokesperson.
Liutauras Ulevicius

Liutauras Ulevicius

is an independent PR/PA consultant, working with various public communication initiatives since 2002. In the meantime, he is mainly involved as the communication coordinator for the leading political party in the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. While supervising daily routine issues he is also a lecturer at Vilnius University, where he is in charge for courses on Propaganda Technologies and Political Communication in Social Media.
Jurgita Ribinskaite-Glatzer

Jurgita Ribinskaite-Glatzer

has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector at both national and international levels. Her current position is the Lithuanian Country Manager for Reach for Change. Jurgita is also a partner in Geri Norai LT, a NGO which supports the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lithuania and initiates partnerships between NGOs and businesses.


Baltic Communication Awards
The role of communication is growing at a fast pace. Technologies affect the development, and in modern-day communication, it is difficult to set the boundaries.

“Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards”, the most important communications event in the Baltic Sea region and its neighboring countries for over 10 years, offers the greatest challenges for industry professionals. It is about competition, networking, meetings, exchange of views and awarding the best.

The contest has evolved over the time together with the industry. In 2015, we added the category “Integrated communication” to welcome communication campaigns or programmes that involved a synthesis of different communication channels, tools, and messages which helped to achieve one communication or business goal.

In 2017/2018, we wanted to celebrate the pan-Baltic collaboration, which is why we have added the category “The Agency of the Year of the particular country” if we receive at least 20 entries from either of the countries. In addition, we have introduced “Grand Prix”, which the Agency with most awarded campaigns.

During past couple of years, the competition has transformed from laying the emphasis on communication professionals to opinion leaders and strategically minded companies. Our goal is to strive for quality of the entries thus growing Baltic Sea region communication industry together!

See you on March 1-2, 2018 on “Mi:it&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2018”!
Wishing you ovations and success!